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Our lawyers ensure extensive interaction between the different areas of specialisation. As a law firm, we are thus able to provide services to large companies, SMEs, public authorities and private individuals alike.

Kris Lens
Kris Lens Lawyer - partner
Yves Mertens
Yves Mertens Lawyer - partner
Tom De Smet
Tom De Smet Lawyer - partner
Sven Mertens
Sven Mertens Lawyer - partner
Veerle Stroobants
Veerle Stroobants Lawyer - partner
Senne Meeus
Senne Meeus Lawyer - partner
Evert Vervaet
Evert Vervaet Lawyer - partner
Ariadne Kourias
Ariadne Kourias Lawyer - partner
Cédric Haezebrouck
Cédric Haezebrouck Lawyer - partner
Sofie Dezittere
Sofie Dezittere Lawyer
Kirsten De Keersmaecker
Kirsten De Keersmaecker Lawyer
Sophie De Maeijer
Sophie De Maeijer Lawyer
Annelore Lemaire
Annelore Lemaire Lawyer
Naomi Saviolo
Naomi Saviolo Lawyer
Anke Vandenbosch
Anke Vandenbosch Lawyer
Cato Peeters
Cato Peeters Lawyer
Matias Osorio Olivera
Matias Osorio Olivera Lawyer
Alix Noël
Alix Noël Lawyer
Esther Van Bloois
Esther Van Bloois Accountant
Lynn Van Breedam
Lynn Van Breedam Administrative assistant
Hilde Van Seghbroeck
Hilde Van Seghbroeck Administrative assistant
Sabine Aerts
Sabine Aerts Administrative assistant
Karin Rombauts
Karin Rombauts Administrative assistant
Soukaina Berrouaine
Soukaina Berrouaine Administrative assistant

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