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Conflict resolution out of court? LM&DS offers mediation at every level in Mechelen
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Sometimes legal action is unavoidable or necessary. However, mediation is often a good alternative way to resolve conflicts out of court. This is certainly the case when the parties to a dispute want to continue to cooperate afterwards.

The LM&DS mediators will strive to guide the parties towards a solution that they arrive at themselves.

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Why choose mediation?

The main advantages of mediation are clear:

  • FAST: a mediation process can be completed in just a few weeks to a few months, which can save a lot of time and expense.
  • INEXPENSIVE AND FORWARD-LOOKING: not only will mediation be cheaper than lengthy court proceedings, but the relationship between the parties will be preserved, and there will be a reconciliation with a view to the future. The mediators of the LM&DS law firm work at an hourly rate of €135.00, which can be shared by the parties.
  • CONFIDENTIAL AND SECURE: an accredited mediator is subject to a specific ethical code and will respect strict confidentiality. Moreover, if an agreement is reached, it can be ratified by the court, providing the same legal certainty as a court ruling.

How does mediation work?

At an initial meeting, the mediator explains how the process will work. You will also sign a mediation protocol that clearly sets out the engagements and rules.

Each party will then be given the opportunity to express their point of view and the mediator will work to ensure that both parties clearly understand each other's positions.
Further communication between the parties will also be facilitated and efforts will be made to find a solution on which they can both agree.

Whether a full or partial resolution is reached, your mediator will convert it into a clear written agreement, which can then also be ratified by the court.

Wat kind of conflicts are suitable for mediation?

Any situation in which the parties find themselves in conflict is eligible for mediation. The Federal Mediation Commission provides certification in:

Law firm LM&DS in Mechelen offers accredited mediators in each of these areas.

Do you have a conflict, but wish to avoid legal action? Meet one of our experienced mediators at LM&DS.
Together, we will strive to find a solution that is both quick and forward-looking.

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