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Origin and approach of LM&DS

In 1999, the cooperation between Kris Lens and Yves Mertens began.
In 2001, Sven Mertens joined the firm.

The growth of the law firm was supported by skilled staff and also played an important role in Kris Lens's decision to put an end to his successful political career, in order to devote his experience 100% to the firm.

In mid-2004 came the move to the current location, on the border of Mechelen and Sint-Katelijne-Waver, making the offices easily accessible, with plenty of parking.

In 2008, Tom De Smet joined the firm. Since then, particular attention has been paid to the further development of highly specialized services, attracting growing numbers of clients.

From 2015, Veerle Stroobants and Senne Meeus joined the partnership. Within the growing firm, this allows us to guarantee follow-up by an experienced partner-specialist in every case.

In 2019, Evert Vervaet, Ariadne Kourias and Cédric Haezebrouck were welcomed as partners in order to bring in fresh, young talent and to continue to offer the increasing number of clients top-quality legal services.

Our approach: thorough knowledge of every subject matter and every case

As a mid-sized law firm, we stand for a personal approach, focusing on direct contact between the client and the responsible partner.

We strive to apply a no-nonsense style, always weighing up the pros and cons of possible steps, with the aim of providing legal services that truly benefit the client. When handling a case, we put ourselves in the place of our client. This allows us to guarantee an appropriate solution for your case.

Our lawyers are specialists in their fields. We approach your case pro-actively and give clear advice. If your case is brought to court, LM&DS will stop at nothing to defend your interests.

Our objective: To get you a good result as quickly as possible. We do this based on our knowledge and experience, through personal contact with the client and the ongoing follow-up of your case.


LM&DS provides sustainable solutions for legal matters.

In doing so, we are always mindful of limiting the environmental impact of our activities in the following ways:

  • Since 2017, our cases have been managed electronically in order to reduce paper and energy consumption, which remains an exception in the 'legal world'.
  • LM&DS uses a fully electric pool car, our lawyers travel by electric and hybrid cars whenever possible and the use of the (office) bicycle is encouraged.
  • For our energy supply, solar panels have been installed at our offices.
  • The conference room is equipped with the necessary technology for videoconferencing and meetings, so that travel can be avoided.

LM&DS wants to help build a greener world.

You can rely on our knowledge and advice.
Let our lawyers assist you.

Feel free to contact us at no obligation

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