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LM&DS offers assistance by a lawyer specialised in contract and corporate law.
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Corporate law is a collective term for all legal issues surrounding the company and doing business.

Contract law is a collective term for all kinds of agreements between different legal entities.

LM&DS provides assistance from a specialised lawyer/lawyers in connection with:

* drafting and review of agency contracts;

* franchising;

* drafting and review of concession contracts;

* disputes between partners or between partners and the company;

* the collection of invoices (debt collection);

* a company in financial difficulties (e.g. bankruptcy, Business Continuity Act, etc.)

* drafting and review of shareholder agreements;

* attachment, collateral, privileges and mortgages and enforced execution;

* the creation of companies;

* assistance with construction disputes;

* drafting of lease agreements and assistance with a rental dispute (commercial rental and housing rental);

* takeover of business and/or shares;

* drafting and review of purchase and sale agreements;

* directors' liability;

* dissolution and liquidation or bankruptcy of a company;

* guidance with provisional or final deliveries (contracting);

* drafting and review of building and architect contracts;

* assistance with problems related to co-ownership;

We are happy to assist you in all cantonal courts, courts of first instance and commercial and appeal courts in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Mons and Liège.

* drafting and review of transport contracts;

* mandate;

* commercial practices and consumer protection;

* arbitral or arbitration proceedings;

* drafting and application of non-competition clauses;

* disputes related to product liability

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