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Traffic violation with dependency issues? Get help from a lawyer!
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Dependency issues

What do we mean by dependency issues?

By dependency issues we mean adults and young people with an addiction. They need guidance and extra care. These people are a special target group for our traffic system.

What about traffic offenses by a person with a dependency problem?

The prosecution and punishment policy is aimed at keeping persons with dependency issues out of traffic.

If this issue arises as a result of a traffic incident, it is time to face the situation and tackle it.

As an offender, you feel particularly guilty and stand alone. We know the problem. It is more common than you might think.

From our practice and under the protection of our professional secrecy, we can discuss the situation without taboos. Provided the motivation is right, LM&DS will discuss with you the possibilities of turning over a new leaf.

Through this process we will obtain the means to convince the court of your chosen path and to adjust the penalty to the guidance you have chosen.

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Have you committed a traffic offense and have your dependency issues been cited, perhaps unfairly? Have yourself assisted by a lawyer specialised in traffic law. We will help you as best we can. Tell us your situation and we will make sure that you are contacted by a qualified lawyer.

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