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1. General

A lawyer as a service provider falls under the application of the two laws of 26 March 2010 (Belgian Official Gazette of 30 April 2010) concerning certain legal aspects referred to in Art. 77 of the Constitution. They transpose Directive 2006/123/EC and entered into force retroactively on 28 December 2009.

These laws have in the meantime been largely integrated into Book III of the Economic Law Code, which entered into force on 9 May 2014.

Under this legislation, every service provider, including Advocatenassociatie LM&DS cvba (hereinafter referred to as LM&DS), is required to provide you with certain information.

2. Concretely

You entrust your case to one of the lawyers at the LM&DS law firm. You can contact our firm for:

  • assistance in mediation, reconciliation attempts and negotiations
  • legal advice
  • assistance and representation before all courts in Belgium, and before foreign courts, possibly in cooperation with our foreign correspondents.

Advocatenassociatie LM&DS cvba is located at 2800 Mechelen, Grote Nieuwedijkstraat, CBE no. 0894.715.033. The general terms and conditions of LM&DS as well as our rates are available on this website.

For additional information or for any complaints, you can contact us at:

  • POST
    Grote Nieuwedijkstraat 417, BE-2800 Mechelen
  • FAX
    +32 (0)15 55 12 40
    +32 (0)15 55 00 31
  • E-MAIL

3. Professional liability

The professional liability of every lawyer belonging to LM&DS is limited to the coverage and the ceiling of the insurance policy taken out by the lawyers of LM&DS through the Bar Association.

This insurance policy, for which NV AMLIN EUROPE, located at 1210 Brussels, Koning Albert II-laan 9, is the leading insurer, provides each LM&DS lawyer with a basic cover of EUR 2,500,000 per claim via the collective bar insurance policy and a supplementary cover of EUR 5,000,000, or together a maximum of EUR 7,500,000.

This coverage applies to the consequences of acts committed anywhere in the world, for activities that LM&DS or their lawyers carry out from their offices established in Belgium, subject to a limited number of exceptions as provided in the insurance policy.

None of the LM&DS lawyers are part of multidisciplinary activities and/or multidisciplinary partnerships in the context of their professional practice as a lawyer.

The courts of Antwerp, Mechelen department, and the Justice of the Peace in Mechelen are competent for any disputes.

In addition, all lawyers at our firm are subject to out-of-court dispute resolution for their activities in Belgium, as provided for in the 'regulations relating to the evaluation committee of the Mechelen Bar Association of 1 July 2010'. More info.

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