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30 JULY 2020

The Flemish Bar Association (Orde van Vlaamse Balies or O.V.B.) awards a quality label to law firms that provide a high standard of service and practice law at the top level.

This label was awarded to LM&DS because:

  • our firm is strongly committed to high-quality growth and continuous renewal,
  • we devote considerable attention to improving quality as well as training (both internally and for clients),
  • we invest in mutual consultation, ensuring thorough follow-up of the cases,
  • the firm works according to rigorous guidelines, so the client can rest assured that each case is correctly compiled and overseen,
  • we are constantly working on 'best practices' and compliance,
  • clear communication, digitization and environmental awareness are given a central place at our firm.

We are therefore very proud to have been awarded the highest quality label 'Peer Reviewed' by the O.V.B. This motivates us to keep on innovating in order to provide the kind of legal assistance you deserve: the best.

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