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Assistance with adoption, marriage, divorce, parenthood: LM&DS law firm family law
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Family law & Family property law

Like anyone, you are bound to be confronted with aspects of individual, family law and family property law. We inform you about the different forms of cohabitation, with a view to the optimal protection of your assets.

At the end of a relationship, we'll guide you through the settlement and distribution of joint assets. We also advise you on how to do optimal wealth planning and transfer your assets to your children or other heirs in the most favourable possible way.

If you are an heir in a natural estate or endowed through a will or gift, you can contact us for any questions or problems.

If you're faced with a dispute over biological parentage or adoption, we'll help you find the appropriate solution.

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Our lawyers specialised in family law and family property law will assist you:

Marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements

If you wish to enter into a de facto or legal cohabitation, we can provide you with legal assistance in drawing up a cohabitation contract.

Divorce or termination of a relationship

If you encounter relationship problems and wish to end your cohabitation, we can look at the various options together with you.

In the case of divorce, LM&DS will discuss the different options with you (divorce by negotiated resolution, mediation, lawsuit, etc.), advise you on your rights and obligations, and work with you to find a suitable solution.

In the event of termination of a legal or de facto cohabitation, we advise you on the provisional measures and the settlement and distribution of joint property.

Liquidation and distribution

When you are faced with a divorce or termination of a legal or de facto cohabitation, matrimonial community of property and joint assets, respectively, must be liquidated and divided.

You may also face liquidation and distribution when you are heir to an estate.

Both situations require a specific approach and the extensive expertise that our lawyers can offer.

Wills, bequests and inheritance law disputes

When you are heir to an estate or are endowed through a will, we will answer all your questions regarding the estate of the deceased.

More about liquidation/distribution and inheritance


If parents choose to adopt a child or give a child up for adoption, many complications can arise. Given the sensitivity of the matter, the procedures are complex and all sorts of conditions must be respected. LM&DS can provide you with the necessary assistance with both normal and full adoption, even when it concerns international adoption.


If you want to establish or contest the lineage of a person, a timely procedure must be started, for the recognition or dispute of paternity, for example. You can contact us for expert assistance. LM&DS advises you and if necessary promptly starts the procedure.

Name change

If you want to change your name, you can call on the services of a lawyer specialised in family law and personal law. Under certain conditions, one can request a change of the first name or surname.

Changing a name is only allowed in exceptional cases. The justification is therefore crucial. LM&DS helps you formulate the correct argumentation and with the further procedure.

Protection status

Incapacitated persons can obtain protection status. This can be done through judicial protection by appointment of an administrator or through extrajudicial protection where the rules of power of attorney apply. LM&DS advises you on the various options and guides you through the procedure.

Rely on LM&DS for the correct application of family law and family property law

Do you have questions regarding personal and family law? The LM&DS law firm has all the competences to defend your interests. Our lawyers specialised in family law and family property law will assist you in the process involving a notary public as well as legal proceedings.

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