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LM&DS law firm Mechelen: Specialists in various areas of law
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Areas of law

Some problems involve multiple areas of law. LM&DS has the right specialists in a diverse range of fields. We combine expertise with years of experience.

At our law firm in Mechelen, our lawyers will work intensively with you to meet your needs.

We guarantee active follow-up of each case and fast and efficient advice within each area of law.

Labour law
  • Your rights as employer or employee
  • Drawing up and amending employment conditions
  • Disputes about wages, benefits or company cars
  • Termination of employment or dismissal
Corporate law
  • Incorporation of a company
  • Drafting good contracts and invoice conditions
  • Summons of a company
  • Unfair competition
  • Conflict with a partner
  • Protection against creditors (Busines Continuity Act)
Family law & Family property law
  • Marriage or cohabitation contracts
  • Divorce, termination of legal or de facto cohabitation
  • Estate planning
  • Liquidation and distribution
  • Name change, parentage or adoption
Contract law
  • Drawing up and reviewing contracts
  • Resolving contract-related disputes
  • Enforcing or terminating contracts
  • Claiming compensation when your co-contractor is liable
Traffic law
  • Traffic violation
  • Summons to the police court
  • Victim of a traffic accident
  • Accident with serious injuries or fatal accident
  • Right to compensation
  • Driving ban
  • Drugs or alcohol in traffic
Real estate law
  • Lodging an objection or appeal in connection with a building permit, building line plan, expropriation plan or spatial implementation plan
  • Expropriation
  • Construction or environmental infringement
  • Easement or complex lease file
Social law
  • Occupational accident or incapacitation
  • Unemployment
  • Bogus self-employment or employment
  • Conflicts with the NSSO or NISSE
  • Audit by social inspectorate
  • Disputes regarding an employment contract
  • Administrative procedures
Administrative law
  • Public domain concessions
  • Disputes regarding dikes, polders and waterways
  • Contracts with the church administration (Kerkfabriek)
  • Weapons legislation, hunting, animals and law
  • Education law, Government contracts
  • Municipal administrative sanctions (‘GAS’ fines)
  • Civil service law
Criminal law
  • Defence in criminal court as a civil party or defendant
  • Pre-trial detention
  • Social criminal law
  • Intervention fund for victims of deliberate acts of violence
Insurance law
  • Verification of coverage
  • Verification of legal assistance – insolvency of counterparty
  • Family civil liability, ...
Liability law
  • Damage claims
  • Civil liability
  • Professional liability
  • Medical liability
  • Government liability
Privacy, IP & ICT
  • Drawing up a privacy statement and cookie policy
  • Processing register and processor agreements
  • GDPR disputes, requests from data subjects, data leaks
  • Protection of IP rights: licenses, transfer, IP clauses
  • Software licenses, contracts for IT projects

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