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Drawing up, reviewing and adjusting contracts: LM&DS law firm contract law
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Contract law

The objective of any company is to fulfil its agreements with customers, which means that it is involved each day in executing the agreements it has concluded.

Lawyers specialised in contract law are concerned with drawing up, reviewing and adjusting contracts. In addition, together with you we can also ensure compliance with contracts and termination of a contract.

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What can our lawyers specialised in contract law do for you?

The LM&DS law firm takes care of drawing up clear agreements and invoice conditions and provides legal assistance in defending your contract. Our primary goal is always to support you in order to avoid disputes and litigation, which may involve the help of a mediator. More information about mediation

If a lawsuit is unavoidable, then we will defend your interests, usually before the commercial court. We apply the same philosophy to consumers who are involved in a contractual dispute with a company or another private individual.

Assistance with questions about all possible contracts

Construction contracts: building contracts and architecture contracts

We assist both the construction partners (contractors, architects and engineering firms) and the client in undergoing the entire construction process, starting with drawing up the specifications and building contract and ending with the official delivery.

We can also offer assistance when you are involved in a dispute. We can serve a summons, in substance or summary proceedings, represent your interests during an appraisal and defend your interests after expert investigation.

In short, everything related to contractor and architect liability, supervision of official delivery, drawing up construction contracts and architecture contracts, etc.

Rental contracts

If you need help with drawing up a lease (common rental, home rental or commercial rental) or an inventory, then you can turn to us.

If you are a landlord dealing with a tenant who does not comply with his obligations, we will send a warning and, if necessary, initiate proceedings by filing an application. We will then try to obtain a judgment as soon as possible and we will follow up on the execution of this judgment, if the tenant is evicted, for example.

If you are a tenant confronted with a landlord who violates your rights, we can also intervene.

Purchase agreement

We will ensure a sound purchase agreement and will assist you if a dispute arises after the conclusion of a purchase, both for standard purchase situations and for consumer purchase.

Other contracts such as leasing, loan, custody, mandate and settlement

We can also assist you with other nominate and innominate contracts, both preventively and in case of a procedure.

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