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Privacy, IP & ICT

Technology continues to advance. You can see this every day in your company. Due to the continuous development of new products and techniques, you not only have to adjust the operations of your company, but you also always have to look for new ways to protect your knowledge and know-how.

The LM&DS lawyers can help you with this.

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Privacy and data protection

As a company, you can no longer ignore the regulations on data protection and electronic communications. The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR imposes all kinds of obligations on your company. Our lawyers assist you with the necessary GDPR compliance check and help you draft policies and contracts.

  • Privacy statements and cookie policies
  • Processing register
  • Processor agreements
  • Agreements between joint processors
  • Privacy policy for your company
  • Data breach procedure
  • How to deal with requests from data subjects for access, correction, deletion, etc.

IT/IP law

Many companies are engaged in developing new knowledge, products, software or other works on a daily basis – in other words: intellectual works.
Our lawyers advise you on the best way to protect this knowledge, know-how, trade secrets, data, works, inventions, etc.

We help you prepare:

  • (Software) license agreements
  • Intellectual property transfer agreements
  • Confidentiality contracts (nondisclosure agreements)
  • Competition clauses
  • IP clauses for employment contracts and employment regulations

When the damage has already been done and you are in a conflict situation with an (ex) employee, (ex) partner, supplier or competitor, we can also advise you on the best strategy and defend your interests in court if necessary.

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