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Corporate law: incorporation of companies, agreements, bankruptcy - LM&DS law firm
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Corporate law

Every company needs legal support sooner or later. LM&DS focuses on prevention, concretely by supporting you in drafting and screening contracts and being readily available for all your legal questions.

Should a dispute arise, we will try to find an amicable solution. If you need to issue a summons or your company is involved in a lawsuit, then our specialists will do their utmost on your behalf.

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Corporate law deals with all issues related to the effective running of your company.

  • Would you like to set up a company?
  • Does your company need help in drawing up good agreements and invoice conditions?
  • Is your company being summoned or do you need to serve a summons yourself, for example to collect your outstanding invoices?
  • Are you facing competition despite a non-competition clause or unfair competition, for example from a former or current employee?
  • Do you have a conflict with your partner?
  • Is your company in financial difficulties and does it need protection against its creditors (Busines Continuity Act) or do you yourself, as a creditor, wish to assert your rights in such proceedings?

These are some of the many issues we deal with in corporate law. In addition, we can also help you collect invoices with a financial formula that is advantageous for you.

If you wish to sell your company, shares or business, we will assist you from start to finish, preferably in cooperation with your bookkeeper or accountant. You can also contact us for questions about intellectual rights (to software, for example).

Broadly speaking, corporate law covers the following aspects:

Rely on LM&DS for the correct application of company law

Our lawyers provide advice and assistance, manage your cases, assist you in negotiations and look after your interests if you have to go to court.

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We provide you with sound advice.

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