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Good advice and reliable counsel in legal proceedings requires proper compensation. As the course of a procedure cannot always be predicted, the exact cost cannot always be estimated in advance. That is why we place great importance on clear and straightforward agreements. This enables you to make an estimate of the costs in advance and you will not be faced with any surprises.

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When a case is opened, the lawyer will take into account costs on one hand, and honoraria on the other hand. In addition, you can also obtain advice from our lawyers at no obligation. An initial consultation can be a highly worthwhile way for you to gain useful information about your question or problem. This does not involve opening a case, so the costs will remain very limited.


The costs consist of any payments advanced on your behalf by the firm, such as court registry fees, bailiff fees, kilometre allowance, etc.

On the other hand, there are the administrative costs which are charged through a fixed rate and a lump-sum fee. We will always inform you of these costs before opening a case.


The fees of the lawyers at our firm are charged at an hourly rate. In each case, we will discuss with you the applicable hourly rate for effective services, taking into account the basic rate set per lawyer of between €100 and €135 (excluding VAT) for private individuals and between €110 and €150 in other cases.

When the intervention of LM&DS is highly urgent, the fee may be adjusted to a rush rate.

In some cases, a fixed fee can also be agreed.

A model agreement is available to confirm the agreements made.

In the majority of court proceedings, a litigation fee will be paid to the successful party. This is a lump sum contribution to the lawyer's fees that is paid by the opposing party. The fee can never be lower than the litigation fee.

For each case, we will ask whether you have legal expenses insurance, or check your policies.

If you use the services of our lawyer-mediators, the standard hourly rate of 135 euros (to be split by the parties) applies.


For an initial consultation of approximately 30 minutes, without opening a case, a fixed fee of 40 euros (incl. VAT) will be charged.

During an initial consultation, you will receive useful information and free advice about your problematic situation or question. So in case of doubt, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you to avoid further conflicts and offer you the best tailor-made solution.

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