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Right to compensation in the event of an accident? Consult your lawyer at LM&DS at no obligation
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Traffic law

When you have committed a traffic offense or are a traffic victim, it is best to hire a lawyer. Usually your legal expenses insurer will pay for the costs and fees. Our law firm has traffic law specialists who are known for their clear communication and fast, efficient service. LM&DS makes your rights and obligations in traffic matters easy to understand.

A first consultation in traffic matters is always free of charge. You maintain full freedom.

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Have you committed a traffic offense? Our traffic lawyers can help you:

Are you being reported or prosecuted?

You are being reported or prosecuted in court for e.g. drunkenness, excessive speed, hit-and-run or any other traffic offense.

When you receive a police report, we will help you fill in the questionnaire and we will check whether you have been justifiably and correctly reported.
Our lawyers can also advise you on the payment of your fine.
If you cannot or do not want to be present in court, we will represent you.
If you would like to attend the hearing, we will assist you.
A (free initial) consultation is always useful in any traffic-related case.

More about the possible summons situations

Summons to your company

Your company has been summoned to the police court as liable for employees.

This can occur, for example:

  • because you are responsible for the fine and costs that your employee is required to pay,
  • due to overloading,
  • because the driver's identity was not indicated,
  • for not respecting driving and rest times.

We will take the necessary steps to assist you and your employee.

Read more about how we can help

Victim of a traffic accident

  • What to do as a victim?
  • What about physical damage or a fatal accident?
  • Can you obtain compensation?

What to do as a victim of a traffic accident?

Fatal accident or accident with serious injuries

You are involved in a fatal accident or have an accident with serious injuries and physical damage. Every fatal accident or accident with serious physical damage not only affects the victim but also his or her environment. Moreover, there is a perpetrator who did not intend the accident, may not have been able to prevent it, ... and also suffers severely from it.We also advise you on a human level about your position and options towards the other party.

More info on how to get help

Other traffic situations:

  • As a cyclist or pedestrian you are involved in a traffic accident with a motor vehicle. As a vulnerable road user you always receive compensation, even if you were at fault.
  • Revocation of your driving license, recovery tests, traffic courses, physical disability, ignition interlock, etc. How to avoid this, when is it imposed and what to expect?
  • Optimally safeguard your professional activities in the event of loss of mobility, due to a driving ban, for example.
  • Souped-up mopeds, young drivers, weekend accidents and drugs in traffic.
  • You have committed a traffic offense and there is an addiction or dependency problem (drugs, alcohol) involved.
  • Your car is impounded after a traffic violation.

Rely on LM&DS for the correct application of traffic law:

Our law firm has specialist lawyers in traffic law, with years of experience and in-depth knowledge to plead your case.
LM&DS analyses your case on the basis of your account and offers useful tips, and immediately explains the procedure you can expect, the potential penalty and the estimated timeframe.

We check that no procedural errors were made, or whether the case may be subject to the statute of limitations...

We take a sound approach to estimating the consequences in advance as much as possible, to limit 'damages' and costs and to avoid repetition in the future.

We also assist you as lawyers in traffic law if the insurer declines to insure you or reclaims money. We will let you know exactly what you can expect to receive from your insurer. This way, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Your rights and obligations in traffic?
Ask our lawyers for advice, at no obligation.

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