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Traffic violation by an employee: what now? Contact LM&DS law firm
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Home Summons for a company traffic violation

Have you committed a traffic offense? Summons served to your company.

What if your company is summoned to appear before the police court?

Your company is held liable for the traffic offense of an employee, due to overloading or because the driver's identity was not disclosed, or because driving and rest times were not respected. What can you do as a company?

Traffic law has far-reaching implications in companies.

We will take the necessary steps to assist you and possibly your employee, whereby our costs are usually charged to the insurer.

How do you avoid recurring violations and summonses for your company? Make an appointment. We will perform an analysis and offer a solution.

What are the labour law consequences of a traffic violation?

Is the employer or employee obligated to pay the fine? What are the labour law consequences of a traffic violation?

We will provide you with a clear answer thanks to the cross-pollination between LM&DS lawyers in labour law and traffic law.

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