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Have you committed a traffic offense? Our lawyers defend your rights, LM&DS Mechelen
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Are you being prosecuted or summoned for a traffic violation?

Our lawyers, specialised in traffic law will be happy to assist you! Contact us at no obligation for an initial appointment. We will check whether your insurer covers all your costs.

Situations involving summonses for traffic violations

If you are prosecuted or summoned to appear before the police court, we will help you complete the questionnaire and we can advise you in the following cases:

  • You were wrongfully reported but are offered an amicable settlement, do you not pay and let the court judge OR should you pay? Contact LM&DS law firm, we will make the right decision for you.
  • Late payment of a fine or you forgot to pay it. The specialists at LM&DS law firm will handle the case for you, you may not even have to appear and your legal expenses insurer will pay the costs of our firm and the court.
  • You are summoned but think it is better not to go to the police court because there is little you can tell them. A case sometimes evolves differently than you can anticipate. In traffic law, short periods of statute of limitations often apply or the penalty can be extensively adapted. Ask our advice. Not going to court or being absent is always a bad idea. In addition, there are many cases that do not require your presence in court, but you can have yourself represented by a lawyer from LM&DS.
  • You must appear before the police judge and are worried you will receive a driving ban with far-reaching consequences, e.g. professionally. LM&DS will submit an application for your withdrawn driving license to be returned earlier and afterwards will seek a penalty without an additional driving ban or with a driving ban, adapted as much as possible to your situation.
  • You must appear before the police judge and fear a devastating fine. LM&DS will review the options whereby the financial consequences are kept as minimal as possible.

For every form of traffic violation, there is an adapted penalty or fine, which we as lawyers in traffic law always try to reduce to a minimum, adapted to your situation.

Whether it is excessive speed, drunkenness, hit-and-run crime, or similar traffic offenses. Your lawyer listens to your situation and tries to convey it in a humane way and defend it in court. Everyone is entitled to a second chance.


Ask us for advice and be assisted in the event of a traffic violation by our law firm, LM&DS in Mechelen. We will ensure that your request is immediately sent to our specialist lawyers in traffic law.

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