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Victim of a traffic accident? Contact LM&DS lawyers ASAP
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You have been the victim of a traffic accident?

What should you do as a victim?

Contact a lawyer as soon as possible. At LM&DS law firm we will help you immediately!

So that from the beginning we can tell you what evidence to gather and documents to fill in and also which ones you should not sign.

What about physical damage in a traffic accident?

Our traffic lawyers will explain how the damage is determined. We will also let you know what is eligible for compensation and what is not. Our lawyers estimate the damage for you or critically analyse the proposals of the counterparty.

In medical matters, you may be assisted by a an advising doctor of your choice. This is also reimbursed by your legal expenses insurer. Law firm LM&DS keeps in touch with this doctor in order to properly manage the case both medically and legally.

What costs will you have as victim of a traffic accident?

Our costs, but also legal and other costs that are necessary to obtain compensation, are covered by your legal expenses insurer.

If you are entitled to a replacement car, we will let you know immediately.

In short, what do you do as a victim in a traffic accident?

Contact a lawyer in traffic law. LM&DS law firm Mechelen has lawyers with years of experience and extensive knowledge to represent your interests.

Contact LM&DS law firm

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