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Fatal accident? Get help from a traffic lawyer, LM&DS
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Lawyer in event of a fatal accident

Despite numerous attempts to drastically reduce the number of traffic deaths, it is a sad reality that many hundreds of people and families are affected each year (727 traffic deaths in Belgium in 2015, 637 in 2016 and 620 in 2017).

Any fatal accident or accident with serious bodily harm affects not only the victim but also his or her environment. Moreover, there is a perpetrator who did not intend the accident, could not prevent it, ... and also suffers severely. Several thousand people are involved in such situations each year.

Have a lawyer assist you with a traffic accident

If you are affected by a (serious or fatal) traffic accident, as a victim or perpetrator, it is advisable to get professional help as soon as possible. You can contact us without obligation. We will take the time to listen to you and deal with the situation as best as possible.

The traffic lawyers of LM&DS have a lot of experience with this type of accidents and cases.
We also know from experience how the insurer handles your case and what you can expect. We do not only consider your case legally, but we also suggest support services to you who can intervene in other areas.

Contact a traffic lawyer

Are you the victim of a major accident? Then seek out not only psychological support, but also legal assistance from a lawyer. Our lawyers in traffic law will help you as much as possible in guiding this difficult process.

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