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Lawyer in labour and social law: LM&DS law firm Mechelen offers you the solution
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Social law

The continuity within companies stands or falls with social dialogue and the well-being of your employees. A strong personnel policy and social security system is therefore extremely important.

Certain problems go beyond labour law and affect other matters, such as independent collaborations, directors' liability, commercial agency, setting up management companies, the functioning of the general meeting and the board of directors, etc.At the LM&DS law firm in Mechelen, you can count on thorough collaboration between various lawyers.

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Our lawyers in social law can help your company in diverse areas

Social security law

Social security law focuses on the relationship between the public institution on the one hand and the company, employee or self-employed person on the other.

We advise the subject of social security and defend your case before the labour courts in the event of disputes concerning

  • occupational accidents,
  • unemployment,
  • disability,
  • bogus self-employment,
  • bogus employment,
  • conflicts with the government social security agencies (NSSO or NISSE),
  • ...

Social criminal law

We assist you in the event of an audit by the social inspectorate and assist you with the administrative law procedures. Our lawyers will defend your rights before the criminal court.

Labour law

Labour law is also a part of 'social law'. It focuses on the relationship between employer and employee, both collectively and individually. This relationship starts before the signing of the employment contract and often continues after its termination.

You can contact us with questions or problems regarding

  • Your professional status
  • Terms of employment
  • Termination of employment
  • Well-being at work
  • Collective labour law
  • Social inspection

More about labour law

Rely on LM&DS lawyers for the correct application of social law

We combine our expertise and years of experience, actively follow-up each case and offer fast and efficient advice. In short, our lawyers offer you a unique service.

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