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Divorce through negotiation, mediation or court proceedings? LM&DS lawyers advise
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Our lawyers specialised in family law will give you personal advice and assist you when you are confronted with a divorce.

We will work with you to determine whether it is best to obtain a divorce through negotiation or mediation or through divorce proceedings in court.

Under Belgian law, there are two grounds for divorce.

  • On the one hand, there is the option to separate on the basis of mutual consent. In that case, both parties can amicably agree on all aspects or sub-aspects.
  • On the other hand, the divorce can be obtained on the basis of irreparable differences.

LM&DS will answer all your divorce questions and advise you on:

  • the provisional use and usufruct of the family home,
  • distribution of household effects,
  • alimony or maintenance money,
  • residence arrangement of the children,
  • co-parenting,
  • evenly distributed residence,
  • distribution of extraordinary or non-residential costs,
  • etc.


Are you dealing with a divorce? Make sure you get what you are entitled to and engage the assistance of a specialist lawyer. At LM&DS law firm you can rely on the years of experience of Kris Lens and his colleagues Stefan T'Seyen and Ariadne Kourias.

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