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Divorce or inheritance liquidation and distribution: LM&DS lawyers Mechelen
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Liquidation and distribution

Everything to do with the liquidation and distribution of goods falls under family law. LM&DS law firm provides specialists in this field, who correctly guide you in making the right decision.

You will be confronted with a liquidation and distribution in two situations, namely in case of divorce or the termination of a legal or de facto cohabitation on the one hand, and the opening of an inheritance on the other. Both situations require a specific approach and the sound knowledge that our lawyers possess.

Liquidation and distribution of matrimonial/joint assets

When a legal or de facto cohabitation or a marriage is ended, the joint assets and the matrimonial property must be divided respectively.

We represent your interests in the financial settlement in the context of this joint ownership. We assist you in both an amicable distribution or a distribution through judicial proceedings in which a liquidation notary is appointed.

Liquidation/distribution of an estate

If you are an heir to an estate, or if you have been endowed through a will, we will answer all your questions regarding the deceased's estate.

LM&DS has all the competences to represent your interests.

If no amicable solution is possible, our lawyers can start a procedure for the liquidation/distribution of the inheritance for you, in which the court will appoint a liquidation notary. LM&DS will assist you in the proceedings before the notary as well as in court.


Make an appointment with one of our lawyers or ask your question. We will provide an appropriate answer and offer you with the guidance you need in the liquidation and distribution of your assets.

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