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What is a value rate?

A value rate is an fee rate based on the value of the dispute. In cases in which this method of calculation is justified, the following fee rates apply in the first instance:

  • from 0 to 6,200 EUR: 15%
  • from 6,200 EUR to 50,000 EUR: 10%
  • from 50,000 EUR to 125,000 EUR: 8%
  • from 125,000 EUR to 250,000 EUR: 6%
  • Over 250,000 EUR: 4%

The fee is calculated, both for the plaintiff and the defendant, on the principal and the interest. On appeal, the same rate is applied at 50%.

If you have invoice conditions, in practice the amounts collected on top of the principal sum will suffice to cover our fee. In that case, this means that our intervention costs you nothing.

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