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Family mediation

Calling on a family mediator can be helpful in various cases.

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Why mediation on family issues?

  • Two parties decide to divorce serenely, in an optimal relationship and without getting bogged down in a contentious divorce;
  • After divorce, the residence arrangement for the children should be worked out, taking into account the needs and wishes of all those involved;
  • Correct payment of the child support for the children or a personal maintenance contribution between ex-spouses;
  • Solving problems related to right of contact between grandparents and grandchildren;
  • Liquidation/distribution of the joint marital assets;
  • Resolving inheritance disputes;
  • Termination of legal or de facto cohabitation which requires many practical solutions and agreements.

Our mediators can also make a difference for family matters. The aim of mediation is to reach a consensus on which all parties can agree. With mediation we try to avoid legal proceedings and the associated costs.

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Resolve your family issues with mediation.
Avoid the costs of legal proceedings and be assisted by a mediator.

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