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Juvenile law: protection of children in the family and delinquency - LM&DS Law firm
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Juvenile law

Juvenile law is a part of family law and mainly concerns everything that has to do with children. This is both to protect their position in family life and to protect against juvenile delinquency.

At law firm LM&DS we provide the right specialists in family law. Among other things, they assist you if you are dealing with paternity, adoption, protection statutes, maintenance fees, residence problems with children, etc.:


If you want to establish or dispute the parental relationship with regard to a person, a procedure must be started in good time, for example for the recognition of paternity or the dispute of paternity. You can contact us for expert assistance. LM&DS advises you and if necessary promptly starts the procedure.


If parents choose to adopt a child or give a child up for adoption, many complications can arise. Given the sensitivity of the matter, the procedures are complex and all sorts of conditions must be respected. LM&DS can provide you with the necessary assistance with both normal and full adoption, even when it concerns international adoption.

In the event of a negative adoption recommendation, we will help you lodge an appeal.

Protection statutes

Incapacitated persons can obtain protection status. This can be done through judicial protection by the appointment of a provisional administrator or through extrajudicial protection where the rules of power of attorney apply. LM&DS advises you on the various options and guides you through the procedure.

Our lawyers also assist you with regard to residence and related problems with children, child support and much more.


Do you have questions regarding juvenile law? Let our lawyers, specialists in family law, assist you.

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