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Lawyer in labour and social law: LM&DS lawyers Mechelen
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Labour law

Labour law is part of social law and relates to the relationship between employer and employee, both individually and collectively.

Below are some of the ways in which a lawyer specialised in labour law can assist you:

Individual labour law

  • Employment contracts
  • Training clause
  • Bogus self-employment
  • Dismissal
  • Wages and alternative pay
  • Parental leave, time credit, part-time work
  • Application of the welfare act (incl. bullying act)
  • New technologies: cameras at work, problems concerning internet & e-mail, ...

Collective labour law

  • Work permits
  • CLAs
  • Social elections
  • Business restructuring
  • Social security law
  • Rights of the socially insured:unemployment benefits, disability benefits, NSSO benefits, ...

LM&DS lawyers will always advise you quickly and efficiently in disputes in labour law. We provide personal advice regarding your status, working conditions, termination of your employment and your well-being at work.


We advise you on the choice of your professional status: employee or self-employed and the status of your employees, as well as the consequences in terms of employment law, social law, company law and taxes.


LM&DS advises, negotiates and draws up employment contracts. We advise on wage conditions and wage optimisation, part-time work and all aspects of working hours, parental leave, time credit, training clauses and non-competition clauses.

Employment regulations, car policies, e-mail and internet policies, confidentiality agreements and agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights are also available or can be made to measure for you.


LM&DS advises on the different termination methods of an employment contract and its consequences.

In doing so, we ensure the correct calculation of notice periods and severance payments, as well as reviewing the risks of any protection indemnities, discrimination claims or other termination benefits.

We advise on non-competition clauses, non-solicitation clauses, confidentiality clauses and their effect after the termination of the employment contract.


LM&DS answers your questions about the application of the Welfare Act, including the psychosocial risks: stress, burnout, violence, harassment or sexual harassment.

We draw up employment regulations and advise on occupational accidents.


LM&DS assists you in your negotiations with collective consultative bodies or between employers and trade unions and draws up employment regulations and collective labour agreements.

We advise on corporate restructuring or transfers.

We help you with the organisation of the social elections and advise on the operation of the consultative bodies.


We will assist you in case of inspection by the social inspection service.


In short, do you have a question, need advice or assistance in the workplace or the related consultation procedures? Then call upon the services of a lawyer in social and labour law. LM&DS law firm Mechelen can certainly help you!

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