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Mediation in commercial and civil matters: Avoid a lawsuit
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Mediation in commercial and civil matters

As an entrepreneur, you are involved in a financial dispute with a very good customer. Although the relationship with this customer has a long history, you find that this time he is being unreasonable and unjustly disputes an invoice, while the amount owed is also too high for you to just drop the matter.

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How mediation can help you in such matters

Traditionally, the next step is to initiate proceedings in court to collect the amount you have claimed, which will of course resolve the conflict, but you will probably never see this customer again.

In this case, mediation is an alternative way to resolve your dispute which is not only cheaper, faster and simpler but also offers more guarantees as a long-term solution.

After all, the mediator will try to restore communication so that the company and the customer can reach a joint solution.

Both parties reach a consensus, which will be more easily enforced in practice than a decision imposed by the court against the will of one of the parties, clearly creating a win-win situation.

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