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LM&DS offers specialised assistance from a labour lawyer.
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Labour law regulates the relationships between employers and employees, both individually and collectively.

Social security law regulates the relationship between public institutions and the socially insured.

LM&DS provides assistance and advice from a lawyer specialised in labour law and social security law so that your interests can be optimally defended, in relation to:

  • optimisation of the employment contract and employment regulations;
  • advice and model contracts in connection with flexi-jobs, untaxed additional income;
  • preparation, drafting and composition of CLAs (collective labour agreements);
  • enforcement of a non-competition clause;
  • improving the car policy, abuse and return of company car;
  • We provide guidance and practical tips for introducing a mobility allowance (cash for cars) or mobility budget.
  • internet policy, e-mail policy, privacy at work, camera surveillance, employer right of inspection;
  • pay and wage optimisation;
  • assistance of an HR specialist;
  • dismissal and dismissal optimisation;
  • discussions about breach of contract, e.g. because of a job change, a change in the workplace, a longer commuting distance or a reduction in the salary package;
  • unified employment status and motivation for dismissal;
  • dismissal for urgent reasons;
  • dismissal of a protected employee;
  • the regulations regarding parental leave, time credit, thematic leave or career interruption;
  • collective layoffs, restructuring;
  • closure of a company or department, Renault Act;
  • act of accession for non-recurring result-related benefits;
  • introduction or allocation of profit premiums for employees;
  • maternity protection, time credit, palliative leave, parental leave;
  • holiday pay;
  • employment of foreign workers by employment or secondment.
  • overseeing the social elections, establishment or amendment of works council, committee for prevention and protection at work;
  • disputes regarding social elections;
  • prevention advisor and confidential advisor;
  • welfare act and so-called bullying act, request for psycho-social intervention;
  • trade representatives, commission, goodwill indemnity;
  • bogus independent contractors, bogus self-employed workers, bogus employment;
  • leave for compelling reasons;
  • termination, severance pay and notice periods, protection compensation after dismissal;
  • assistance in calculating termination fees, which must also include benefits in kind such as stock options, group and hospitalisation insurance, the value of the company car;
  • We help you protect trade secrets and confidential information against unfair competition from (ex) employees.If you are nevertheless the victim of unfair competition, we will help you to stop it as soon as possible and we will review the options for action.
  • questions related to dismissal motivation and manifestly unreasonable dismissal;
  • abuse of dismissal law, arbitrary dismissal;
  • motivation of dismissal and manifestly unreasonable dismissal;
  • National Employment Office decisions, recoveries, questioning;
  • unemployment with company allowance, early retirement;
  • audit by the social inspectorate;
  • social criminal law, criminal code;
  • occupational accident, traffic accident and the resulting criminal and civil liability;
  • training clause;
  • non-competition clause, recruitment clause, unfair competition;
  • employment contracts in the aviation sector;
  • problems or prevention of problems after strike, occupation, work-to-rule action;
  • mediation in social conflict and negotiations;
  • group insurance, supplementary pensions, supplementary health insurance;
  • implicit dismissal due to demotion, salary cut or changes to the employment conditions;
  • dissolution of the employment contract;
  • temporary agency work, temp worker contracts or drawing up an appropriate agreement for the posting of workers;
  • employment contracts in the aviation and construction sector;
  • discrimination in employment relationships or upon dismissal;
  • undue wages paid;
  • consequences of long-term or permanent incapacity for work, which often leads to discussions about proof of the incapacity or may also raise questions about termination of the employment contract based on medical force majeure, taking into account the burden of proof and the applicable procedural rules.
  • the settlement of occupational accidents or disputes related to occupational accidents;
  • Termination clause in the employment contract

We can assist you before any labour court in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Mons and Liège. You can also call on us as an advisor and recognised mediator in social law.

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